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These days, there is simply no excuse for not having a professional business portrait or a decent headshot: 
  • Do you accept LinkedIn connections from people that don't have a good profile photo
  • Do you like to see whom you got that email from and appreciate their portrait in the signature
  • Does it bother you when you see mismatched and not consistent headshots on a company's website? 
  • Or worse, they don't have any? How do they expect to get business in this age?
  • Don't you just dread it every time you're asked for your photo for a publication?

We know what you mean! And we're here to help.

We specialise in business portraits and corporate headshots for companies based in Melbourne. And we come to you!

What we do

We take amazing Business Portraits, also known as Executive Portraits. They are show executives in their natural environment.

We also create Corporate Headshots and Team Portraits for companies of all sizes.
Choose of of three looks clean (on a white background), other like it modern (on grey) white others prefer it impactful (on black).


A clean look on white background makes it perfect for many uses.

Perfect for website, brochure or email signature.


Not every headshot is created equal. Choose black background for that extra impact.

Make them stand out.


A grey, or coloured. backdrop makes the headshot modern and stylish.

Can't decide? Why not choose more than one style?


Your environment tells a story, let us photograph you in your "natural habitat" for that extra angle.

The photograph can tell so much more.


Don't forget your partners and key staff for those special photographs.

Relationships that matter.


Five or fifty strong, your great team is there to support your enterprise.

We'll create custom photography for every need.

Collections, Cost and Inclusions

Begin the streamlined process and plan the session with an over-the-phone strategic consultation.
Photography session on location or studio.
Not liking your offices? We've got access to some of the best offices in Melbourne!
Optional: on-location, professional Hair and Makeup.
Wardrobe styling assistance.
Ready to use, retouched Digital Images
with Commercial License (unlimited use).

Big Team


60 images (eg. 50 staff headshots and 5 executive portraits)*

Strategic consultation

Up to 2 photographic sessions on location or studio

Print and web-resolution files

*BONUS: B&W versions

*BONUS: Team photo

Commercial licenses

Medium Team


40 images (eg. 2 looks for 20 people)*

Strategic consultation over the phone

Up to 2 photographic sessions on location or studio

Print and web-resolution files

*BONUS: B&W versions

*BONUS: Team photo

Commercial licenses

Small Team


20 images*

Strategic consultation over the phone

Photographic session on location or studio

Print and web resolution files

*BONUS: B&W versions

*BONUS: Team photo

Commercial licenses

A la Carte

$150 creative fee*

*+ $100 per photo

Strategic consultation over the phone

Photographic session on location or studio 

Print and web-resolution files

Commercial license

Some of our work

What's your look?


This is a full interview I did with Christina Canters from The C-Method. We talked about professional photography for businesses and personal brands. Visit The C-Method website for more interesting podcast interviews by Christina. Strap yourself in as we covered a lot in this 30 minute conversation!

The C-Method

Want to learn more?

We do much more than just headshots.

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Arek Rainczuk, our principal photographer, is a portrait specialist. He believes that every portrait needs a purpose; hence his role is not only to create a portrait that will work for you and your business; he will work with you to discover the core purpose of each image. Arek is inquisitive and analytical while preparing, and extremely personable, relaxed and engaging during his work with a camera resulting in portraits that not only show your best side but also tell a story about the person you are, your values and approach to business and life.


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